Discover how Clinical Hypnosis can benefit you


Improve performance (sport, corporate, education)

Discover the difference in mindset between those who:

 achieve growth vs decline,  

positive vs negative turnover, 

a big bonus payment vs a small bonus payment, 

1st vs last place in a sporting event,

 pass vs fail in an exam.


Overcome Phobias & Addiction

Discover why you might be afraid of flying, spiders, sharks, heights, small spaces, public speaking etc and learn how to manage this challenge using Hypnotherapy.

Take control of your addiction to smoking, sugar, alcohol etc


Wellbeing & Sleep

Discover the importance of sleep and and learn how to manage stress through meditation.   

Vara Glover | clinical hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist

B.A. Comm. Dip. Bus. Pro. Cert. C.H.S.P

Vara Glover has over 14 years experience leading, coaching, developing and managing people to be the best they can be. 

After studying communication at university and extensive global travel Vara entered the Travel & Tourism sector where she had great success in delivering business growth.  She believes that the mindset of the people in her team/s and indeed her own mindset was the major factor in achieving great results. 

Vara became increasingly curious of the mindset of "successful" or "happy" people which lead to an obsession in reading biographies. In most biographies Vara noticed a pattern in behaviour which revolved around mindset choice. Vara enjoyed reading the classic rags to riches stories and often wondered how could it be that siblings who were raised the same, could experience the world in such different ways?! How was one the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and the other swept up in drug and alcohol abuse?! Was this just "fate" or a learned pattern in thought and behaviour?! 

Working in the Travel & Tourism sector Vara also met many people so afraid of flying they'd dose up on drugs to get from A to B or just would not travel.

Having travelled extensively, Vara was sure there must be a better way and with a belief that everyone has the right to enjoy and discover the world if they wish she wanted to be able to help, knowing that experiences are worth so much more than tangible things.

If we have the ability to control our own minds, why do we let our minds control us?!

Vara's interest in mindset and the "power" of the mind lead her to enrol to study at The Institute of Applied Psychology. 

With her passion for travel and business Vara has made it her mission to help people discover a different way of thinking which serves them well through strategic hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. 

Vara has had great success helping people discover how to unite their conscious (logical mind) with their subconscious (emotional mind.) 


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"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them." Albert Einstein

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