Father of son, from Manly. (Name not disclosed due to privacy.)

Vara, my son is a different person, he doesn't faint anymore! We can't thank you enough.  You've helped change his life. 

Female in early 20's, from Newport. (Name not disclosed due to privacy.)

I can’t thank Vara enough for the real difference she has made to my life. Through her hypnotherapy sessions, I have learnt skills that are helping me now and I know will continue to in the future. Vara is professional, kind, understanding and non judgemental and I would highly recommend her. 

Female in late 30's, from Bondi/City. (Name not disclosed due to privacy.)

I went to see Vara to help with my fear of flying and she was amazing! After only 1 session I found that the anxiety I had around flying had completely gone. After years of trying to combat this with nothing working, it took only one session with Vara to help me achieve a more calm, fearless flying pattern. Can’t recommend Vara enough! 

Female in mid 20's, from Mosman/City. (Name not disclosed due to privacy.)

Life changing is the best way to explain my experience with Vara...  After a couple of sessions, the diference in my thinking and how I reacted to things completely changed. Vara helped me to realize and be proud of who I am: a resilient, strong and kind person. She helped me to empower myself by giving me tools to block out all the external noise and information and to listen to my inner voice. She reminded me that even if I can’t control everything that life brings me, I can control my actions. And that deep inside of me I have everything I need to learn and grow from everything that the future might bring.